there’s a fine line between creativity and insanity

I was recently on etsy browsing the absolutely amazing things people make there, and stumbled on a bunch of keychains. They were amazing keychains- so inspiring! So I decided that I really ought to knit one.

But there was a problem- I wanted it to be something different, new, innovative, and there’s not really that much that hasn’t been done knitwise anymore! Mini-sweaters, mini-socks, mini-various-other-articles-of-clothing have already been done. Soo.. what should I do?

I decided to take a look at my own finished projects for inspiration. And then it hit me like a brick! Of course, I knew the perfect thing to knit for a keychain- and as a bonus, it is something that I can be fairly certain has never been applied to a keychain before!

Why yes Ma’am, that is a dishcloth hanging from my keychain…

Innovative or not, it definitely makes me smile.

-Sarah Elizabeth


4 responses to “there’s a fine line between creativity and insanity

  1. I can see Moms across the world spitting on that & trying to wash their kids faces, like their mothers did to them & they swore they’d never do!

  2. OMG Now That is not only cute as heck it’s handy as well!

  3. Sarah Elizabeth, please email me as I have a question for you!

    Love the keychain. Big surprise right? xox Kay

  4. LOVE it. can say no more.

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